Airdata Lightened Enterprise

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Airdata Lightened Enterprise

The "Lightened Enterprise" is a new plan that includes a subset of the features of the Enterprise plan. The specific features of that plan will be finalised in the next few months. In an effort to help our customers transition to the Enterprise plan more gradually, we will offer the fully featured Enterprise subscription at a reduced cost for your first year. Before your next renewal, we will provide you with the available cost and feature options, giving you the opportunity to choose between upgrading to the fully featured Enterprise plan, or keep the same cost with the newly defined Lightened Enterprise plan.

This offer will bridge the gap for smaller operators and provide first year access to features such as advanced reporting and alerts that really help to flag up issues with the health of your drone and batteries as well as facilitating currency reports to the CAA for annual renewal. Another issue that people have had is hitting maximum flight numbers or reaching the maximum number of batteries for their plan.

The new plan would be perfectly suited for individuals and small companies with one or two pilots who would like to try the extra features of the Enterprise plan with only a relatively small cost increase from the Airdata HD 360 Pro plan. We can easily facilitate an upgrade from your current plan as well as provide new plans for people who haven’t used Airdata before.

As part of being a Global Drone Training Pro Member we will also provide a basic set up service to help you get up and running with Airdata and introduce the key features that can help you with compliance and drone maintenance. We will set up a monthly report of your flight hours looking back 90 days so you can see that you are current. We can also set up alerts for maintenance and flights that may breach regulations as well as drone errors that could impact flight safety.