What drone training do I need?

With the UK drone regulations changing in December 2020, it is important to understand what level of training you need to continue existing drone operations or to start out as a drone operator. We have made two sets of questions to help you understand what training you need. The first is for those who already hold an existing PfCO from the CAA, the second is for people who are just starting out and don’t have a current PfCO.

Open Category A1

In the A1 category you have several options. Any drone of any age, whether self-built or purchased with a flying weight of under 250g fits into the A1 category as long as the top speed is below 19m/s (42 mph). This means you can fly in urban areas and potentially over people, but not crowds.

If your drone is in this category, you don’t need any additional training. You just need to read the manual carefully and ensure you are flying safely if you are near uininvolved people.

Open Category A1 Transitional

The A1 transitional is designed for legacy drones under 500g. It will be applicable until December 2022. So current drones like the original Mavic Air will fall into this category. In this category you can fly over uninvolved people but not crowds. In order to fly a drone in the transitional category you will need to complete the A2 CofC Certification.