Drone Training Ltd was created from an idea to bring a real-world perspective to drone training.


We felt that too many of the available drone training organisations had very little experience of live drone operations and, at the time, most commercial drone training organisations were run by people with a lot of manned aviation experience but very little civilian drone experience.


Drone Training Ltd was started by experienced commercial drone operators and we carefully select all our trainers based on their operational experience. You can see the team here. A number of our trainers do have extensive manned aviation experience alongside their drone work, but the aim has always been to provide trainers who can relate to the increasing range of possibilities that the civilian drone sector offers to trainees. We wanted people who have experienced the challenges of operating drones commercially so we can pass as much of that expertise on as possible during our training courses.


Drone Training Ltd started life as The Aerial Academy and now trades as Global Drone Training.


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