The General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) meets the requirements of the new UK drone regulations. The UK CAA will accept the GVC as proof of remote pilot competence when applying for an Operational Authorisation, allowing you to operate under the Specific category. 

All GVC Courses include the new A2 CofC as standard.

You can find out more the GVC here.

A2 CofC

The A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC) Course been introduced by the CAA to meet the drone pilot competence requirements of the Open Category of the new UK drone regulations. The A2 CofC allows remote pilots to operate under the A2 and A1 Transitional subcategories of the Open category, granting you the right to operate larger drones closer to uninvolved people.

You can find out more about the A2 CofC here.

GVC Conversion

GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) Conversion Course.

It is designed to convert any Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) pilot certifications that predate the GVC to the latest UK CAA certifications.

Proof of existing certifications and flying experience are required for this course.

This GVC Conversion Course includes the new A2 CofC as standard.




A2 CofC 


GVC Conversion


Flight and Advanced Training

drone flight training

Flight training

We have been training people to fly drones since 2013. Our expert instructors can train on multirotor and fixed-wing drones at various locations around the UK. We are also happy to come to you if you are training an internal drone team and have an appropriate location. We base our flight training on a simple instructor day rate of £960 inc VAT regardless of the number of trainees. In theory, you could put as many people as you like on a flight training day with  one instructor, but we find a maximum of 4 works well to ensure that the instructor is able to maximise the time each trainee spends flying the drones.

We can train on all common drones including DJI, Parrot, Autel and custom builds, as well as fixed-wing drones and hybrids.

We can also provide consultation if you are not sure what drone is best for you.

drone fpv training

FPV (First Person View)

FPV drones for racing and cinematography have really come into their own over the last few years, with flight control and safety features improving rapidly and off the shelf drones reducing the build and tuning skills required to obtain great results.

However, there is often a big step up from common drones such as the DJI FPV to the flight skills required to get the best out of cinewhoops and cinelifters.

Our expert instructors can take you from basic GPS flying all the way to stabilised and full acrobatic FPV flight through the use of simulator and face-to-face training.

So whether you want to fly small drones to complement indoor shoots, or you want to powerloop the latest Arri, we can help you out!

drone photogrammetry training


Our popular photogrammetry courses have helped a number of clients to introduce drone photogrammetry teams to their businesses; streamlining the production of 2D and 3D mapping and survey outputs with the use of drone technology. As always, we work on the basis of an instructor day rate, using expert instructors who have paved the way in drone photogrammetry.

For companies looking to incorporate photogrammetry into their workflow, we recommend a three step course incorporating a thorough understanding of the basics of photogrammetry, working through to acquiring and processing quality data and finally creating and validating outputs. Course length can be adapted depending on the prior knowledge of participants and flight training can be included if your team are new to drones.


And Support Services

Pro Membership

Global Drone Training Pro Membership supports remote pilots providing access to the latest training resources, email and telephone advice with your operations, and regulation updates.

It also includes discounts for both hardware and services.

Operations Manual and Application Support

This provides you with ability to create the most up to date Operations Manual available, enabling you to easily understand the document you are creating for use in your day to day drone operations.

This product also includes support with applying to the CAA for your Operational Authorisation.

Support Services

Support Services


Global Drone Training Memberships